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Water damage is one of the most common issues that affect homeowners and companies. It comes in all sizes and shapes. Whether there are minor leaks under the sink sewage over flow, or a major basement flood, you’re likely to experience water damage at one point in your life. That’s why it is always safe to have contacts of reliable professionals who can respond to your call and come to your rescue. 

Flood Removal, Sewage Cleanup & Mold Remediation Near You

Here at Water Damage Restoration Near Me, we are more than restoration experts – our aim is to help bring normalcy to your property so you can go back to your life.

That’s why we strive to respond in the minimum time possible, no matter the size of the water damage in your property.

For emergencies, we have a team on standby 24/7. And we also understand the role of insurance, which is why we coordinates with your insurance company to ensure all parties are up-to-date with all the damage caused to the insured properties.

Flood damage restoration company

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Our Water Damage Restoration Company Process

Here at Water Damage Restoration Near Me, we have a systematic way of attending to water damage emergencies:

Step 1We Arrive At Your Home or Office and Assess the Extent of Water Damage

It doesn’t matter what time it is or day, we’re always available for you as water damage knows no time or day. That’s why we always strives to arrive to your location as soon as possible.

After we arrive at your home, we conduct a thorough inspection to understand the extent of water damage so we can provide a plan of action.

Our team will assess how much water is in your property, how long it has been sitting, if the water is contaminated, and whether or not it has reached the foundation.

Step 2- Create and Discuss Our Plan of Action

Our restoration plan depends on the extent of water damage. If the damage is extensive, our plan of action might have to include restoring the following areas:

· Your basement. Whether the flooding was caused by torrential rain, burst pipes, sewer blockage, or drainage problems, your basement is always at risk of water damage. That’s why it has to be one of the areas we need to restore

· Plumbing lines. Your plumbing pipes may start leaking or even burst due to freezing temperatures and clogs

· Ceiling. Excessive moisture inside the house can cause your ceiling to sag or fall off. We take care of this.

· Drywall. If stagnant water settles for some time, it starts to seep into the walls. Therefore, you drywall can become damp and thus encourage mold to thrive

· Roof. If water leaks were from the roof due to improper seals, damaged flashing, or missing shingles, our team can rectify that as well.

Every emergency calls for a specific plan of action, which is why we have to devise a plan for each situation before we start restoring your property.

Step 3 – Execute the plan

You can rely on Water Damage Restoration Near Me experts for flood removal, drying and dehumidifying, water mitigation, mold remediation, as well as cleaning and sanitizing.

Our water damage restoration plan includes, flood removal, mold removal, roof damage repair, and more.

Within no time, your life will be back to normal.

Why Choose Water Damage Restoration Near Me Experts

· Our company have vast experience in dealing with emergencies. No emergency is too big for us as we have invested in water restoration machines and trained personnel. Through the years, we have also gained experience handling different emergencies. This combination makes us effective in what we do.

· We put your well-being and safety first. Our team will respond to your emergency within no time as we value your safety and your property. In addition, we will keep you in the loop all the time so you can feel as part and parcel of the whole water damage restoration process

· We have open pricing. Before we start the restoration process, we discuss the cost. With us, you can rest assured that there won’t be any hidden fees or surprise upcharges during or at the end of the work.

· We work with your insurance. We understand that water damage emergencies can be overwhelming and it can be hard to coordinate with your insurance. That’s why we’ll work with an insurance agent to ensure all the cost and damages are documented so you can have an easy time during compensation

· We create a plan first. Our team has to draft a plan before embarking on flood removal and restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Company

What You Should Do During a Flood/Water Damage Emergency

  • Call a water damage restoration company.

The first thing you should when you encounter water damage is to seek professional help. We have a team of experts who will be dispatched to your home or office to help keep the situation in control. Call our friendly service representative immediately to organize a team.

· Turn off your power system. If your home starts to flood, you should turn off your power system. However, if this is not possible, do not attempt to enter into a water-logged room due to the risk of electric shock.

· Move out items of value to a safe, dry location. If you can be able to salvage small pieces of furniture, décor, books, and souvenirs, do that before the room floods. Once our flood removal team arrives, we’ll start moving out sizeable items of value out of the home for cleaning and restoration.

What You Shouldn’t Do During a Water Damage Emergency

· Do not enter flooded rooms. Stagnant water not pose a risk of electrocution and injuries. Therefore, keep off flooded room.

· Do not turn on any electrical appliance. Using a vacuum cleaner to try remove moisture from a wet floor may not only ruin the appliance but also lead to an electrical hazard. Leave the flood removal work to the experts as they have advanced industry equipment that can extract floods and moisture out of a room.

· If there is mold, do not disturb it, call our company. Bacteria and mold begins growing very quickly, which is why you shouldn’t disturb it to avoid spreading the spores to other parts of the house. Our team knows how to safely eliminate mold and ensure they don’t contaminate nearby air.

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